The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins (1971) Full Movie

The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins
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Watch The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins (1971) : Full Movie Online Free The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins is a 1971 British comedy film directed and produced by Graham Stark. Its title is a conflation of The Magnificent Seven and the seven deadly sins. It comprises a sequence of seven sketches, each representing a sin and written by an array of British comedy-writing talent. The sketches are linked by animation sequences. The music score is by British jazz musician Roy Budd, cinematography by Harvey Harrison and editing by Rod Nelson-Keys and Roy Piper. It was produced by Tigon Pictures and distributed in the U.K. by Tigon Film Distributors Ltd..

Title The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins
Subtitle Available south-korea.png france.png Germany.png italy.png espain.png belanda.png portugal.png hungaria.png ETC.
Release Date Nov 01, 1971
Genres ,
Production Company Tigon Pictures
Production Countries United Kingdom
Casts Spike Milligan, Marty Feldman, Leslie Phillips, Harry H. Corbett, Yvonne Paul, Bruce Forsyth, Felicity Devonshire, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Bernard Bresslaw, Joan Sims, Roy Hudd
Plot Keywords anarchic comedy,
Tramp (segment
Tramp (segment "Sloth")
Spike Milligan
Guest Appearance (segment
Guest Appearance (segment "Sloth")
Marty Feldman
Dickie (segment
Dickie (segment "Gluttony")
Leslie Phillips
Ambrose (segment
Ambrose (segment "Lust")
Harry H. Corbett
Receptionist (segment
Receptionist (segment "Lust")
Yvonne Paul
Clayton (segment
Clayton (segment "Avarice")
Bruce Forsyth
Nude Girl
Nude Girl
Felicity Devonshire
Elsinore (segment
Elsinore (segment "Avarice")
Paul Whitsun-Jones
Mr. Violet (segment
Mr. Violet (segment "Avarice")
Bernard Bresslaw
Policewoman (segment
Policewoman (segment "Avarice")
Joan Sims
Fisherman (segment
Fisherman (segment "Avarice")
Roy Hudd
Petrol Attendant (segment
Petrol Attendant (segment "Avarice")
Julie Samuel
Vanessa (segment
Vanessa (segment "Avarice")
Cheryl Hall
Chloe (segment
Chloe (segment "Avarice")
Suzanne Heath
Stanley (segment
Stanley (segment "Envy")
Harry Secombe
Vernon (segment
Vernon (segment "Envy")
Geoffrey Bayldon
Mildred (segment
Mildred (segment "Envy")
June Whitfield
Vera (segment
Vera (segment "Envy")
Carmel Cryan
Ingrid (segment
Ingrid (segment "Gluttony")
Julie Ege
Doctor (segment
Doctor (segment "Gluttony")
Patrick Newell
Woman (segment
Woman (segment "Gluttony")
Rosemarie Reede
Secretary (segment
Secretary (segment "Gluttony")
Sarah Golding
Photographer (segment
Photographer (segment "Gluttony")
Bob Guccione
'Penthouse Pet' (segment
'Penthouse Pet' (segment "Gluttony")
Tina McDowall
Greta (segment
Greta (segment "Lust")
Cheryl Kennedy
Cockney Man (segment
Cockney Man (segment "Lust")
Bill Pertwee
Charlady (segment
Charlady (segment "Lust")
Mary Baxter
Blonde (segment
Blonde (segment "Lust")
Anouska Hempel
Boy Friend (segment
Boy Friend (segment "Lust")
Kenneth Earle
Thin Girl (segment
Thin Girl (segment "Lust")
Nicole Yerna
Girl with Glasses (segment
Girl with Glasses (segment "Lust")
Sue Bond
Mr. Ferris (segment
Mr. Ferris (segment "Pride")
Ian Carmichael
Mr. Spencer (segment
Mr. Spencer (segment "Pride")
Alfie Bass
Mrs. Ferris (segment
Mrs. Ferris (segment "Pride")
Audrey Nicholson
Mrs. Spencer (segment
Mrs. Spencer (segment "Pride")
Sheila Bernette
A.A. Man (segment
A.A. Man (segment "Pride")
Robert Gillespie
R.A.C. Man (segment
R.A.C. Man (segment "Pride")
Keith Smith
Policeman (segment
Policeman (segment "Pride")
Ivor Dean
Porter (segment
Porter (segment "Sloth")
Melvyn Hayes
Costermonger (segment
Costermonger (segment "Sloth")
Ronnie Brody
Guest Appearance (segment
Guest Appearance (segment "Sloth")
Ronnie Barker
Guest Appearance (segment
Guest Appearance (segment "Sloth")
Peter Butterworth
Guest Appearance (segment
Guest Appearance (segment "Sloth")
Davy Kaye
Guest Appearance (segment
Guest Appearance (segment "Sloth")
David Lodge
Guest Appearance (segment
Guest Appearance (segment "Sloth")
Cardew Robinson
Guest Appearance (segment
Guest Appearance (segment "Sloth")
Madeline Smith
George (segment
George (segment "Wrath")
Ronald Fraser
Jarvis (segment
Jarvis (segment "Wrath")
Stephen Lewis
Kenneth (segment
Kenneth (segment "Wrath")
Arthur Howard
Dolly Typist (segment
Dolly Typist (segment "Lust") (uncredited)
Dawn Beret
Driver (segment
Driver (segment "Pride") (uncredited)
Brian Estabrook
Guest Appearance (segment
Guest Appearance (segment "Sloth") (uncredited)
Graham Stark
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